Wanna know more about our team members? We introduce you to Andrea!

My name is Andrea, your new program recruiter. I have background in recruiting for the oil and gas industry, Information & technology, broadcasting and diverse engineer & architecture fields. And this “talking about yourself” thing is more complicated than I would’ve imagined.

Why did I choose recruiting? I went to school to become a social psychologist and then the recruiting world choose me, I became a recruiter by serendipity, and fell in love and passionate about this world, so much that I can’t see myself not learning bits from it on a daily basis. My background in social psychology has given me the tools to make of this world my field, I care about my clients, my candidates and my possible placements, it’s very fulfilling to get to help people achieve their dreams and complete their goals. I’ve been there; I also needed that pat on the back and the push up the hill to start following my professional career.

I decided to study psychology for one simple reason, understand human behavior, later in the career I found more questions than answers and that’s what makes me more passionate about my career, it makes you question EVERYTHING, it makes you find new ways to answer and solve problems, it helps you discover the tools manufactured in you by nature and society that would help you change your reality or someone else’s.

I’m a human-driven individual, I care about humankind, nature and animals. One of my dreams is to have a natural reserve where many animals can live freely and happily. I’m in love with nature, and with the different ways the sky paints itself. And in that order, painting is one of my hobbies, I have hundreds of colors and markers and chalks just to pass my time and create new things, and put a little color in my life.

I’m intrinsically curious and impelled to research and learn about anything –literally anything I could start reading about a paddy field and end up learning about why in Japan the emperor’s name has “hito” as a suffix. So we could be talking and I would probably bring random facts to the table, sorry.

I love reading, sleeping and making desserts –not as much as I love eating them-.

I’m the youngest of four, only girl. My oldest brother was down-syndrome, he passed at the age of 5, I wasn’t born, he’s always been my main inspiration in life, I’ve always promised myself to accomplish as much as he would have. I have a cat, Misu, she’s a Tortoise cat, loving and moody. I have a dog, Cosmo, he’s a champagne Alaskan Malamute and he’s a little devil.

I’m a big fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokémon and DC –Marvel stay back!-.

I think I’m in this world to change it, even a little, so while I’m at it I will be also working with NPCR and help our students lives’ easier.