March, 15 2018 Jon Update: Thoughts about NP Hub

Hey guys! After a long time, we’re back! We’re really excited, and here’s a quick update video of what we’ve been working on!

Krish: Hi, everyone. I’m Krish, the founder of NP Clinical Rotations, and Abhi and I are recording this update video for the first time in like eight months. I think the last one we did, we were still working with like 10 or 20 students around the country and publishing our first version of the eBook. And now, it is February 2018, and I can’t even start with telling you guys all of the updates that we have.

So, here’s the general gist:

Number one:
Abhi: Can I show them the logo?
Krish: You can show them the logo. Well, you can show them the new name of the company, because we’re re-branding because Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotations is a long name. It’s a long sentence, awful idea, but, now this is a better idea, and it’s NP Hub.

Abhi: Boom.

Krish: Boom.

Number two:

NP Hub is gonna be coming out with a massively cool, bright, awesome, redesign in the next two to three months, so stay tuned for that.

We’re hiring people literally as we speak. Our team is growing, so that way, we can serve every student around the country, right? It is absurd the lack of resources nurse practitioners have, and we’re doing everything we can to empower and help give you guys more resources.

Number three:

We’re coming out with an app. And I said that. We’re doing an app. There’s actually an article I wrote a few months ago where I said I was terrified of technology, and Abhi actually helped to like shape or re-change that. And the reason is because you guys deserve a better way to find rotations. So, it’s gonna look really awesome. It’s kind of like this booking thing where you can look up all the rotations and click the one you want. It’s gonna be super cool. Gonna show that to you guys in a couple months. Stay tuned, it’s intense, but we hope you guys love it.

Other than that, we’re in a new office space. We’re expanding to new cities around the country, and things are going really well.

We’re just super excited, our team is really happy.

We’re just…We’re rocking and rolling!


Krish Chopra