How Does it all Work? The Process and Pricing

Thanks so much for taking the first step towards securing the perfect preceptor with NPHub! We’ve included a brief overview of the pricing and placement process.

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Pricing – We guarantee a preceptor, or your money back!

  • Deposit:
    • $250.00 due upfront.
    • Applied towards rotation balance.
    • Fully refundable, if NPHub is unable to secure a suitable preceptor.
    • In the case of multiple clinical rotations, a deposit is required per rotation.
  • Rotation Balance:
    • $12.50 multiplied by the number of clinical hours needed.
    • Due within 5 business days of university paperwork being signed and returned to you.

Process – Here’s how it all works!:

  • Onboarding:
  1. Student completes the Student Onboarding Call with their Program Coordinator.
  2. NPHub issues invoice for deposit.
  3. Student fulfills invoice for deposit.
  4. Student reviews and signs NPHub agreements.
  • Outreach:
  1. NPHub begins outreach to network of preceptors based on location, availability, and university requirements.
  2. NPHub notifies student, upon preceptor agreement to precept student and reviews placement details.
  3. Student accepts placement and paperwork process begins.
  • Paperwork:
  1. NPHub facilitates all university required paperwork with preceptor.
  2. NPHub provides completed paperwork to student.
  3. NPHub issues invoice for remaining balance.
  4. Student submits paperwork to university for approval.
  • Approval:
  1. Student notifies NPHub upon university approval of preceptor and clinical site.
  2. NPHub coordinates the first day of the clinical rotation upon request.
  3. Clinical rotation begins!

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